Well, My name is Md. Nazrul Islam is better-known for my Personal Brand as SocialMusker (A Man Who Spreads Social Smell). I’ve been working in Digital Marketing Industry with love and passion from last 6 years and involved with a responsible job as Digital Marketer and Content Strategist in a Digital Communication company since My hobby of writing from an early age inspired me to share interesting content over the INTERNET though. Yes, I love blogging, love to write product reviews and recommendations to my readers on Digital Marketing Industry, one of the most rapidly growing sectors which will definitely become the Next Big thing for everyone. I also contribute guest contents on TechInAsia, BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, TechnoFAQ, QuerTime etc. regarding on Tech Stuff and Apps Reviews as a Guest Blogger. This is how I am contributing and enhancing own SEO's, SMM, SMO, SEM (Digital Advertising), Blogging, Business Presentations, Brand Impressions Management, Content Ideation, Strategy, Curation, Syndication & Marketing knowledge at a professional level and thus I still count myself as the learner!


Traveling is my Blood. Just love to Explore Bangladesh and Wish Around the World.

Listicles Content Marketer

Loves to Create Listicles Content

Web Surfer & Learner

A Mad Freak on Web Surfing & Learning


Yeah ! I am always willing to work in such a synergistic and challenging digital environment (AS I'm INVESTING on Myself); where there is an opportunity of self-assessment and self-improvement in both individual and group-based work, That will ultimately lead to a better success and to work under especially with Digital systems.
  • 2018

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Currently working for SmartDataSoft where I'm responsible for Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy to drive audience growth and brand awareness across all digital and media channels, including SocialMedia, SEO, PPC, Display Advertising, Paid Promotion, Blogging OutReach, Content Marketing.

  • 2016

    Digital Marketing Strategist at ringID

    Uhh! I was worked there @ringID (IPvision Canada Inc.) A multinational software/digital communication Canadian company where I have been involved with ANALYZING & RESEARCHING (Websites with Strategic Business Domains and Keywords), Branding, ContentMarketing, Content syndications, Digital Strategies out there!

  • 2015

    Digital Marketer & Content Syndication Specialist at TheTechNews

    Maintain Overall Brand Impressions Management, Guide & Lead authors regarding S.E.O execution in their written content. Acquisition Quality Traffics from Referral, Direct Traffic, Organic Search Traffic from SEO activities and Manage it's CMS.

  • 2014

    SEO Consultant

    Worked and consulted for NRBTelecom; to be ranked over on SERP (Google/Bing) which has finally ranked in SERP. NRBTelecom is one of the largest DataCanter in Bangladesh which is another sister concern of IPvision Canada Ltd.

  • 2012

    Internet Marketing Executive

    This was an awesome experience which I never forget. This was the first steps to be cured out in the Digital Industry where I was involved with strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, online lead generation, managing company's social media, blogs, business presentations there.

  • 2011

    Business Development Executive

    This was my first job to be stepped in in the career world. I was in Syntech Solution Ltd. where I was involved with Software Requirement Collection / (SRS), EOI, RFP, RFQ Preparing, ERP client dealings & possible responsibilities there.


A successful integrated marketing campaign requires knowledge of the online various tools utilization, in general with exact understanding, dedication to authentic identification and representation of your company and brand finally implementing those new online strategies is a challenge for a marketer. This is what I'm passionate about!

Digital Business Strategy

Content Marketing

Content Syndication

Social Media Marketing


Search Engine Marketing


Brand Impression Management

Business Presentation

Business Development

Creative Designing



I am trying to Manage Myself Not Just My Portfolio! Here's What I've DONE so far!


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A Man Who Spreads Social Smell...
Jun 3
Jun 3

Welcome to The Story of SmartDataSoft and This is How they’re Still Going!

The SmartDataSoft is a theme and plugin development company having 13 people now, born and raised in Bangladesh, a beautiful country of Southeast Asia. Usually, developing premium themes and plugins for WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify and OpenCart CMS is our core business. We also offer web-based clarifications to all types of dealings of variable dimensions for relevant outsourcing […]

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Oct 5
Oct 5

8 Gifts to Help Rohingya People Using ringID

The introduction of the Rohingya people and the crisis they are facing requires no further explanation. The Rohingya are a majority-Muslim ethnic group of people who have lived in the Buddhist nation of Myanmar for centuries.  They’ve been described as the “world’s most persecuted minority” and probably this is the most brutal situation seen in […]

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Jul 5
Jul 5

The Glory History Of Airbnb, Makes It As A Successful Start-Up Example!

If you are travel savviest, then you might hear about Airbnb, formerly known as Airbed and Breakfast. The main thing that differs Airbnb from others is you may generate money in the simplest way from your extra space and able to discover thousands of interesting places to stay around the world. It makes the world’s […]

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May 11
May 11

This is How You Can Upload Instagram Photos From A Desktop Browser

Instagram a photo sharing application owned by giant facebook is popular for uploading photos and editing into different options. I was worried! when I didn’t have any smartphone 🙁 So, I wasn’t able to use instagram the time when its users were using from the mobile application.  There was a time when its users won’t able to upload photos from its […]

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startups KPI Bangladesh
May 11
May 11

12 KPIs You Must Know Before Pitching Your Startup (Infographics)

Do you know the meaning of KPI? 🙂 Well, it means Key Performance Indicator! which is kind of value to measure the total demonstration of a startups/company or Organizations business objectives that how they usually measure their key objectives for the long run. If you have some targets then you definitely need some KPI’s to […]

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May 9
May 9

This is how FlipBoard becomes an Awesome Platform for Content Syndication as Publisher

We all knows about Flipboard which is an awesome app for reading news, blogs, magazines even you can view your social media channels through using this. Flipboard’s topic-driven, personalized experience empowers consumers to becomes lucky to discover the content around their interests and passions and inspire them to. So basically Flipboard is a Content aggregated […]

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Nov 7
Nov 7

12 Most Popular Sticker Comments by Users on Social Networks Today

We are living in a Social Networking era where people love to engage on social media using virtual elements instead of previous social activities. Over the past few years, much has changed about how people interact on social media, such as the use of sticker comments. People engage with content such as one’s article/review/opinion/celebration by […]

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Oct 6
Oct 6

Here are 9 Popular Messaging Apps Which are Trendsetters in Sticker Market

Messaging Apps are growing massively with various attractive features. You know there are tons of Instant messengers out there with instant chat, secret chat, sticker chat, comic chat, snap chat, video chat, voice chat, group chat and just too many to list. Once upon a time messages were seen only in the form of typing text […]

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