Do you know the meaning of KPI? 🙂

Well, it means Key Performance Indicator! which is kind of value to measure the total demonstration of a startups/company or Organizations business objectives that how they usually measure their key objectives for the long run. If you have some targets then you definitely need some KPI’s to evaluate your company’s performance. So, looks like this is kind of performance based metrics which helps you to understand in detail what’s going on in your business?

But the trouble is there are thousands of KPI’s to choose from. You have to find out those best and suitable KPI’s that align with your business goals. So finding some suitable KPI is a big challenge.

So, finding some suitable KPI is a big challenge right?

As I’m here to let you know (infographics ) regarding startups business, you don’t need to be tensed 🙂 as only 12 KPI metrics you should know if you are thinking to start a startup soon.


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