About SocialMusker!

Well, My name is Md. Nazrul Islam is better-known for my Personal Brand as SocialMusker (A Man Who Spreads Social Smell). I’ve been working in Digital Marketing Industry with love and passion from last 6 years and involved with a responsible job as Digital Marketer and Content Strategist in a Digital Communication company since My hobby of writing from an early age inspired me to share interesting content over the INTERNET though. Yes, I love blogging, love to write product reviews and recommendations to my readers on Digital Marketing Industry, one of the most rapidly growing sectors which will definitely become the Next Big thing for everyone. I also contribute guest contents on TechInAsia, BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, TechnoFAQ, QuerTime etc. regarding on Tech Stuff and Apps Reviews as a Guest Blogger. This is how I am contributing and enhancing own SEO's, SMM, SMO, SEM (Digital Advertising), Blogging, Business Presentations, Brand Impressions Management, Content Ideation, Strategy, Curation, Syndication & Marketing knowledge at a professional level and thus I still count myself as the learner!