This is exactly where the BPO industry is headed and Bangladesh is going to be a serious player with a digital savvy workforce showcasing their visual and digital talents. Bangladesh is striving to implement relevant education policies to ensure that their students are appropriately qualified to enter this sector enabling it to grow. There are lots of reasons for growing opportunities in BPO-ICT industries in Bangladesh.

there are lots of reasons for growing opportunities in bpo ict industries in bangladesh

These reasons are
-Very large pool of university-educated workers who are itching to get involved; the enthusiasm is palatable and the government has really got behind the BPO-ICT sector;

-Lots of enthusiasm amongst new generation on BPO-ICT world and take its place with all the other Asia-Pacific nations;

-Reverse brain drain;

-Lots of experienced and internationally experienced Bangladeshis repatriating home and really adding to the intellectual horsepower of the ICT BPO community;

-The present government has designated ICT-BPO as a preference sector allowing this segment to receive all the support required from the government, for its continued success;

-Higher competencies in English compared to countries like China and Vietnam;

-Bangladeshi talents are better suited for visual communications like web design, web development, animation, and other digital skills;

-Tremendous growing rate of ICT-software industry

That’s way Bangladesh becomes famous in BPO industry. Bangladesh has 40% young generation on their total populations who are able to do doing works. Let’s take your decision and minimization your cost outsourcing in Bangladesh.