We all knows about Flipboard which is an awesome app for reading news, blogs, magazines even you can view your social media channels through using this.

Flipboard’s topic-driven, personalized experience empowers consumers to becomes lucky to discover the content around their interests and passions and inspire them to.

So basically Flipboard is a Content aggregated platform which combined web contents from hundreds of leading global publishers, proprietary algorithmic curation, editors, and consumers are beautifully displayed in a mobile experience delivering on your value proposition. For content marketers, content curation is integral to any online strategy. Effective curation helps position you as a thought leader in your space and is an economical way to maintain a consistent publishing schedule of quality content as Curata said.

So, I am hereby want to show you how FlipBoard can be your TONS of traffic source as a publisher.

Well, first of all, you need to create a new magazine like the image below.

flipboard is an awesome content syndication network


After the magazine has been created under a specific niche, you are then able to syndicate your website links 🙂

But to do this before, you will need to install a FlipBoard extension at supported browser like Google Chrome.


You may have to follow the instructions at the given image below (STEPS TO DO) with numeric directions like this,


flipboard is an awesome content syndication network



1) At the numeric point 1, means which link you want to syndicate through Flipboard? 

2) Then click on downloaded Flipboard Chrome Extention (Image below)  

3) See the image below

4) Then just click on Add button

5) At the numeric point 5, means (above & below images) you can also be able to syndicate your saved Flipboard link to twitter, tumblr, google+ and LinkedIn channel.


You’re done! Which is pretty awesome right?




Now you have to wait for Newtons 3rd law!

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 

So, did you see the image below? I am generating one of my website’s TOP referral visitors from Flipboard.




As a Marketer, you need to spend 70% of your time for content promotion after the link published as MOZ said.  That means you get 30% of the total time for writing a content, that isn’t funny!

So content syndication is very important for being more exposure when a link has been generated. But the thing always you have to remember is, syndicate your content by seeing the relevance. It’s important to know that links are always helpful but those have relevance with your business niche end of the day.