If you are travel savviest, then you might hear about Airbnb,

formerly known as Airbed and Breakfast.

The main thing that differs Airbnb from others is you may generate money in the simplest way from your extra space and able to discover thousands of interesting places to stay around the world.

It makes the world’s local area as travel-friendly by using your smartphone app.


With over 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities,

Airbnb connects you with the experience that’s right for you. Message hosts and guests, gush over your itinerary, explore fairy-tale destinations and add unforgettable digs to your Wish List. Make that penthouse or tree-house your next home…or open up your own space to travelers.

But how Airbnb becomes one of the best travel geeks, obviously it has crossed a lot of barriers which make a history. Airbnb can be the perfect role model of every startup where they can learn from.

This post is going to show you how Airbnb make this happen. Let’s see how!

In 2007, It’s all about which start from San Francisco…

History of Airbnb

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia the founder member of Airbnb-


Trending Decisions makes them to the next stairs to go!


Making A Website


Hiring An Engineer


In Summer, 2008

They coordinate the launch of the company, then called Airbed & Breakfast, around the Democratic National Convention.They wanted to take advantage of the hotel room shortage.

Joining to Y Combinator


Changing the Brand Name as for smart Branding


In Spring, 2009

The company lands a $600k seed round from Sequoia Capital and Y Ventures and finally stops eating left-over cereal.

But Fred Wilson, however, rejects the idea.


In Summer, 2009

The site continues growing, and 15 people now work out of Chesky and Gebbia’s San Francisco loft.


In Summer, 2009

Chesky stays exclusively in Airbnb’s for a few months before they can get into a new office space, learning valuable first-hand information about the service.


In Spring, 2010

But something’s still missing.


In Spring, 2010

Brian and Joe fly to New York to try something new.


In Spring, 2010

They go door-to-door and take professional photographs of listings in New York themselves, and find that those listings receive 2x – 3x the bookings.

In Summer, 2010

Airbnb officially launches a Photography program, allowing hosts to automatically schedule a professional photographer to take nice photos of their space. They only have 20 photographers on the platform, but it takes off.


In Winter, 2010

Airbnb secures $7.2 million in Series A from Jeremy Stoppelman, Elad Gil, SV Angel, Y Ventures, Keith Rabois, Greylock Partners, and Sequoia Capital.


In Spring, 2011

In a year, the company had seen 800 percent growth in nights booked, with listings in 89 different countries.


In Spring, 2011

The company hits 1 million nights booked.


In Summer, 2011

Airbnb introduces Social Connections, letting users integrate their social networks for extra verification and general comfort among the community.


In Summer, 2011

At this point, the company is really off and running.

Airbnb makes its first acquisition, buying up German clone called Accoleo.


In Summer, 2011

Airbnb joins the $billion club with a $112 million Series B round from Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Sky Technologies, General Catalyst Partners, Jeff Bezos, Ashton Kutcher, and CrunchFund.


In Summer, 2011

Ashton Kutcher joins the advisory board.


In Summer, 2011

Three days after the announcement of the funding, Airbnb has its moment of truth.


In Summer, 2011

A host by the name of EJ comes home to find her place totally trashed, with everything of value stolen.


In Summer, 2011

Initially, the company refused to help out or assist EJ. That plan backfired.


In Summer, 2011

So the company said sorry and promised to help out EJ. “Anything to make her life easier,” they said.


In Summer, 2011

And then something similar happened to another host. “There were meth pipes everywhere.”

In Summer, 2011

So the company issues an unconditional apology and announces a $50,000 guarantee to hosts to cover any damages they might incur.

In Spring, 2012

Airbnb kicks off 2012 with an Android app launch. At this point, the company has now had over 1 million guests use the service, with 120,000 listings on the site.



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In Spring, 2012

Ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Airbnb acquires Crashpadder as part of its international growth push.


In Summer, 2012

As the Airbnb community grows, the team realizes they need to take extra steps to protect users. They introduce the $1 million Host Guarantee.


In Fall, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hits, leaving thousands of people in New York without proper housing. Airbnb encourages NY hosts to lower their rates and welcome people into their space.


In Winter, 2012

Airbnb acquires Localmind.


In Winter, 2012

Airbnb overtakes Hilton Hotels in nights booked. The company now has over 4 million guests on the service, and 300,000 listings in 192 different countries.


In Summer, 2013

Things seem to be going pretty well for Airbnb.


In Summer, 2013

Until NYC-based user, Nigel Warren is fined $2,400 for hosting Airbnb guests in his apartment. The company helped pay his legal expenses while fighting the fine.


In Summer, 2013

And so begins a legal tug-of-war that would last for a year between the state of New York and Airbnb. But Airbnb continues to grow, announcing 9 million guests served, up from 4 million just 8 months earlier.

In Spring, 2014

After hitting 10 million guests on the platform with 550,000 properties listed worldwide, Airbnb closes a $500 million Series D round, launching the startup into the $10 billion valuation club.


In Summer 2014

Airbnb announces a massive redesign to its website and mobile apps as well as a new, “modern” logo. Let’s cut to the chase. It looks like a vagina. Or a butt. (Both? You decide.) In a moment of sheer obliviousness, (or maybe genius) Airbnb prompts users to create their own renditions of the Bélo with a custom logo generator. These were some that we at TechCrunch created.


In Summer 2014

Airbnb partners with the business expense and travel management company Concur, with the goal of capturing more of the corporate travel market.


In Summer 2014

Airbnb announces a partnership with the cities of San Francisco and Portland as part of an initiative to help communities prepare and respond to emergencies. The agreement states that Airbnb will identify hosts who are willing to help displaced people in the event of an emergency.

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In Fall 2014

Airbnb begins collecting and remitting a 14 percent hotel occupancy fee for guest stays occurring in San Francisco. And then inAmsterdam, San Jose, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.


In Winter 2015

TechCrunch learns that Airbnb is raising a monster round at a $20B valuation.


In Spring 2015

Airbnb hires former Dropbox exec Sara Adler as its head of corporate development.

Much to the delight of Ryan Lawler, Airbnb now lets users view listings on tablets.


Spring 2015

Much to the delight of Ryan Lawler, Airbnb now lets users view listings on tablets.


Now Airbnb is one of the best travel based apps in the world for travel savviest people and holds the growth history you didn’t know. That’s why Airbnb is considered as your role model, it can be! Happy start-ups journey.

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