Finally, Australia has won the cricket world cup of 2015 by showing their success against New Zealand. There were just 14 teams selected when the game was started. After the end of the first round from them, just 8 teams were qualified to the next round (Quarter Final). The giant English region (England, Ireland, and Scotland) who are called as the inventor of cricket they are just skipped out from this world cup tournament in the first round.

Bangladesh was also being a part of this Cricket tournament as others. But this post is all about the International Cricket Council (ICC). What actually happens inside ICC! I am gonna show everyone regarding this post that how ICC becomes as Indian Cricket Council !!!

Bangladesh was performed well by played good cricket who beaten England, Scotland, and Afghanistan to became qualified on Quarter Final Round.

But it was on 19th March Thursday of 2015! The day was really just awesome and amazing like another day. It was the match between Bangladesh and India, between 140 crores above people. It was the game to become qualified on semifinal between two nations! Cricket is so called the Gentleman’s game as known to everyone! But the whole world had seen the corruption on 19th March, how unprofessional it could be if ICC (International Cricket Council) want.



They were just fixed the game before through poor umpiring (By Injustice) by influenced their 2 umpires (Ian Gould & Aleem Dar)

who were responsible directly and including 3rd umpire also. They have just biased the game as it fixed before.




That’s a great shame on Cricket history that everybody seen! The whole world had been seen the match which they can’t remove this cloud aged period. How shameless they are!

Let me show some proofs:

On Indian Innings it was the 40th over where the bowler was Rubel Hossain deliver his 4th Ball on that over, the umpire Ian Gould and Aleem Dar, unfortunately, called that as No Ball when Rohit was on 90 which wasn’t a No ball.



Bangladesh was unable to take review the decision, having suffered a line ball L.B.W (Leg before Wicket) review failure earlier in the innings. That was also a wrong decision taken by umpire Ian Gould which was also an out (L.B.W) by bowler Mashrafe Mortaza on his 34th over.



I am going to show you how ICC cheated against Bangladesh and yet they are trying to hide this. Really shameless! If you visit the official website of ICC where anyone can see the trajectory (The path followed by an object moving through space) view of any innings by any bowler in any specific over and each specific ball which happened within a cricket game.

When I visited to see the view (From a Reference) of that specific ball I am just surprised to see that the ball which was called as no ball is unfortunately missing!



Impossible how can be this happen?

Oh my goodness! 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 present but that ball 4 is not seen on this trajectory view.

I mean ICC has already hidden/delete the proofs!

In the meantime, if you just see the Mashrafe’s bowling spell of 42 over where 1 to 7 balls (Where Mash also gives a No ball) you will see the trajectory view is present.

If you go back to the history on March 17 in 2007, was also a day that sent shock waves through cricket. It featured two huge upsets at the World Cup in the West Indies, with Ireland beating Pakistan and Bangladesh knocking off India.

Sponsors were shocked! 50% above losses happens in that tournament while ICC sold and signed all their sponsors that India would play at least nine matches. But they weren’t!

By some estimates, more than 70 to 80 percent of cricket’s revenue is being generated by India.

So that this time ICC make this World Cup 2015 event as before as India friendly. Changed match venue showed a great sin where it was impossible to other!

So this was a fixed game to pass India on the semifinal by breaking above two hundred million’s heart from Bangladesh.

As a Bangladeshi, I strongly disagree with this manner of ICC and strongly request to raise your voice of all cricket lovers from whole over the world against this unfair umpiring to protest corruption within cricket match where Bangladesh was the real winner at the end of the day.

NOTES: Published Before on CNN iReport